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Integrating The Present To The Future

Our Method of Operation


Initial Consultation—A first conversation in any relationship is vitally important. This is especially true when beginning an IT project. Setting expectations and defining success are integral parts of the process. An initial consultation with DataOne will be filled with questions and listening as we discover the concerns you have and consider the best approach to help you achieve your goals.


Assessment—Very often after an initial consultation is over, the process is best served by adding an assessment phase. This process can range from simple interviews to full enterprise evaluations. The assessment stage should end with the discovery of all pertinent information needed for the development of an effective solution.

Why Are We So Special

Our Services

We know that in order to maintain a consistent but innovative IT environment, you insist on the best technology available today. No single manufacturer can offer all that you require.  


With the complexity of today’s applications that live both on-premises and in the cloud organizations 


Even with the efficiency of a Virtual Infrastructure, customers are still looking to do more with the resources they have.


DataOne provides a holistic and software defined approach to networking by providing solutions 


Virtualization solutions deliver some of the most compelling results of any technology available today


DataOne’s strategy to successful enterprise security is to implement an in-depth defense in overlapping layers 


DataOne will deliver, install, deploy and test your new IT hardware at any of your locations. 


DataOne’s solution architects have the experience and technical know-how to architect customized scalable platforms 


DataOne’s on-site labs independently test manufacturer claims and performance numbers and utilize that information 


DataOne designs professional and responsive web interfaces to suit your business


DataOne builds mobile apps according to your needs to suit your business


Our expert team designs professional graphics according to your needs, to suit your business

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What Can We Do For You Through Information Technology Consulting

Partnering with DataOne Solutions will empower your organization to make IT your competitive advantage through embracing new technologies that fit your business model; while allowing organizational leaders to concentrate on the core competencies of the organization to drive the bottom line.

Mobility, Network & Security Solutions

Mobility. Local or global we deliver secure and scalable mobility solutions. Security, Wireless, mobility, DDOS, infrastructure

Unified Solutions and Collaboration Solutions

Unified communications and collaboration describes an integrated technology environment where diverse business communications tools

Data center and Virtualization Solutions

Modern data centers are fully virtualized, software defined and highly automated

Intagrating the Present to the Future

We're Here To Help You Improve Your Business

We know that in order to maintain a consistent but innovative IT environment, you insist on the best technology available today. No single manufacturer can offer all that you require. Access to that technology can only be achieved through maintaining relationships with, and testing the products of, large established industry leaders as well as smaller emerging technology companies.

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Something not working as expected? We have some very handy Troubleshooting articles that can probably provide a quick answer. You can also reach our support team by contacting us. Additionally, DataOne Solutions subscribers will find a direct phone number to our support team on the dashboard. We’ll do our best to get you fixed up!


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