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Virtualization solutions deliver some of the most compelling results of any technology available today—making over-provisioning for servers, storage, networking, and desktops a thing of the past. DataOne offers complete virtualization solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Realize More Efficiency and Control

Since 2002, virtualization has enabled server consolidation to contain physical-server sprawl and provided the ability to use compute resources. This caused a major shift in data center operations that affected how applications were deployed, how recovery plans were created, and how infrastructure was scaled. Having a Virtual Infrastructure, the foundation of the Private Cloud, is now a common and efficient way to run a data center.

Even with the efficiency of a Virtual Infrastructure, customers are still looking to do more with the resources they have. What are the key factors that can assist in enhancing the capabilities of the infrastructure, allowing IT to become an even more proactive business enabler?

Consistency, efficiency, lifecycle management, and the ability to understand the cost of running applications are all important. So are orchestration and automation of process. IT professionals need to review internal processes and consider the various cost models for Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud to understand how to ensure the cost efficiency of data center operations.


DataOne has been helping our customers improve the efficiency of their data centers, while ensuring consistency and lifecycle management for the applications that make their businesses successful. Is it time for DataOne to help you realize more control and efficiency in your IT operations?


Implement a Solid Virtualized Infrastructure

Since 2002, virtualization has provided a tool that has enabled server consolidation to contain physical server sprawl and provide the ability to utilize compute resources. The reduction in the number of physical components in a data center keeps a business agile, and helps reduce the cost of IT within the organization. The benefits you realize from High Availability features, and from automated shifting of workloads to systems that can provide the resources required, are key to your IT operations working efficiently. They are part of your toolset that helps you meet your SLAs.

IT today depends heavily on Virtualized Infrastructure—to simplify operations and deliver zero-impact maintenance, plus the ability to scale infrastructure no matter what the demand. With Virtualized Infrastructure, your teams can manage the network, storage, and servers that provide the applications your business depends on to make your customers happy.

It’s critical that your Virtualized Infrastructure is as solid as the foundation of any building. You need to know you can depend on the infrastructure to provide your applications with the performance, uptime, and agility your business requires. Eliminating single points of failure in the Virtualized Infrastructure can reduce glitches that interrupt your business processes.


Consider the Possibilities

Although virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs) have been around for quite a while, the solution seems to be experiencing its highest surge in popularity and demand right now.

VDI has different perceptions and levels of adoption. Adopting end-user computing can enable virtual desktops, though it forces us to rethink the entirety of our existing processes in the life cycle management of desktops and applications—in the same way that server virtualization forced us to redesign the way we think about and deliver our applications.

dataone can help you implement a solid Virtualized Infrastructure within your organization.


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