Business Continuity & Data Recovery

IT Solutions for High Availability and Backup Recovery


With the complexity of today’s applications that live both on-premises and in the cloud organizations can struggle with coming up with a business continuity plan and the specific steps needed to take to have a successful disaster recovery plan.


DataOne Solutions works with you to understand your infrastructure and applications by performing a Business Impact Assessment and Risk Assessment. Once the environment is understood, DataOne Business Continuity & DR engineers can then recommend the best backup and replication strategies to provide your organization with a holistic disaster recovery solution.


We often find the best approach for our customers is a hybrid DR strategy that leverages public and private cloud shared infrastructures for cost effective IT solutions for BaaS and DRaaS.

DataOne has extensive experience designing, architecting,
and deploying the following business continuity solutions:


  1. Backup & Restore
  2. Replication
  3. Backup to cloud
  4. Disaster Recovery 
  5. DRaaS

Cloud Computing

Nearly everything is cloud based these days. This exposes company data to problems that just didn’t exist before. How best to get this to work the right way and have the best fit for an organization takes time and knowledge of best practices. DataOne experts can help identify the best way for the cloud to fit into an organization. The emerging world of private, public, and hybrid cloud services presents a dizzying array of questions for today’s IT team. Is it right to go “all in” with one vendor’s cloud vision for the future, or what about open source as a solution? Should a company adopt a public “cloud first” policy for all of their IT needs or just a small portion? When it comes to cloud-based solutions, DataOne acts as a trusted, independent resource to help vet cloud technologies, architectures and the growing world of cloud service providers.

Need to architect or build orchestrated, automated private cloud or hybrid cloud architectures? What about custom service catalogs? DataOne can help a company there as well. When it comes to delivering or obtaining the right set of cloud services, DataOne routinely pairs industry best practices with top-flight technologies and their own brand of innovation. The result? The right cloud-based solution at just the right time for any business.


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