Consultation & Assessment


You’ll enjoy our vendor-agnostic approach during IT consulting engagements: we can keep you up-to-date on market trends and help you cut through the noise to understand which solutions are proving their worth in enterprise environments like yours. We can host your team on-site for a full-day or half-day session to review your IT strategy and/or educate your team about the solutions that can help move your business forward.

Additionally, DataOne’s on-site labs independently test manufacturer claims and performance numbers and utilize that information in recommendations and product guidance. Objectives of an initial consultation include:

  1. Meet personnel involved
  2. Discuss current environment
  3. Discuss desired business results
  4. Set parameters for success
  5. Establish timeline
  6. Establish loose scope of work




How can you recommend a solution if you don’t fully understand the current environment? Very often an assessment is the first step in developing a path to a desired outcome. DataOne can perform a site and environment assessment to help you determine the best plan for the evolving technology needs of your organization. From power infrastructure, to space, to multi-vendor platforms, DataOne engineers will deliver back a report that analyzes and recommends an array of the best choices.

To create a custom solution that truly delivers, DataOne assesses your company in detail in five categories: network, storage, virtualization, infrastructure, and security. We can also conduct specific assessments based on your needs, such as cloud readiness, adopting containers or a Hybrid IT strategy review, just ask.


  1. Network Assessment – Increase connections without increased complexity. DataOne looks at different aspects of your network including its wired network, wireless network, and its data center infrastructure. Our goal is to ensure that your network resources are optimized to peak performance levels, all while operating in a fast, reliable, and flexible way.

  2. Storage Assessment – Your storage infrastructure should adapt to your dynamic needs. We’ll analyze your current storage environment, assess the business workflow, and provide a contrast of current objectives against projected growth. With DataOne as a partner, we’ll help ensure you never overpay for storage again

3. Virtualization Assessment – IT leaders are delivering IT services using a cloud-like delivery model. How virtualized is your environment? How are you using the cloud? DataOne’s virtualization practice is designed to help you optimize your virtual environment. We deliver customized reports of recommended actions to improve capacity, performance and efficiency, and we can help identify opportunities for CapEx and OpEx savings.


4. Infrastructure Assessment – The time to modernize your data center is now. Transformational technologies such as high-speed networks, converged and hyperconverged infrastructure, software-defined components, and hybrid cloud appliances provide game changing advantages. We’ll help you understand how these solutions fit in your environment, discuss opportunities for efficiency improvements, and the most cost-effective approach to implementation.


5. Security Assessment – Security is non-negotiable. As the network expands outside of traditionally controlled environments, access points and devices become more mobile and diverse. Find out where the gaps are and learn best practices from our team of enterprise security experts. We can talk about cloud security, too.


Contact us to discuss whether an assessment is right for you, and to discover if there may be funding in place to subsidize or eliminate the cost of your assessment.

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